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Comparing Christianity and Judaism

Date of publication: 2017-09-06 12:50

8775 In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was the word became flesh and dwelt among us. 8776 (John 6:6, 69).

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In Judaism, as in Christianity, sin is not just moral and faith is not just intellectual both are spiritual, ., from the heart. Rabbi Martin Buber's little classic "I and Thou" lays bare the essence of Judaism and of its essential oneness with Christianity.

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Take note that Christians easily agree with most of these points. However, a Christian would disagree with the idea that the Talmud is of divine origin. Replacing the Talmud with the New Testament (along with the remaining Old Testament books) in point 8 would make this statement accurate. And in point 67, we would change “The Messiah will come” to “The Messiah has come, and He is Jesus of Nazareth.”

Acomparison between islam, christianity and judaism and

Of course, it would require extensive time to develop all the beliefs within Judaism. So I will be concise in this section. But something must be stated up front: many who are Jews do not hold to Judaism. There are many who are secular (that is, the primary humanistic religion) and are of Jewish heritage. So just because someone says they are Jewish doesn’t necessarily mean they hold to the tenets of Judaism. However, for the sake of simplicity, when I say “Jew” in this chapter on Judaism, I mean those who hold to the religion of Judaism, unless the context warrants otherwise.

In recent centuries, mutual distrust between Christians and Muslims has continued to grow. Some people believe that the conflict has more to do with political tensions and divergent cultural worldviews than with religion, and efforts have been made by both Christians and Muslims to find common ground and engage in respectful dialogue.

What is more, Judaism teaches there is but one god, as well as angels, demons, and other supernatural forces at work in the world - all beliefs shared by Christians and Muslims. Judaism also teaches that humans need God due to our sinful nature, a nature that starts at the very beginning of our species in the Garden of Eden - a story also shared by Christianity and Islam.

While Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, God incarnate and the savior of the world, the Jews believe that he is not the Messiah and are still waiting for the Messiah who will come to save them. In this regard, the Jews deny that Jesus resurrected and that there is no second coming of Jesus because they are still waiting for the savior/messiah to come. On the other hand, Christians acknowledge that Jesus resurrected and that he will come a second time but not as savior of the world again.

A collection of legal and ethical writings, as well as Jewish history and folklore. It serves primarily as a guide to the civil and religious laws of Judaism. Orthodox Jews believe the laws in the Talmud were given to Moses by God and passed down orally from Generation to Generation. About . 755, scholars wrote down these oral laws in a work called the Mishnah. Later scholars explained and interpreted the Mishnah. Their comments were recorded in the Gemara , which was written between 755 and 555. The Mishnah and Gemara together make up the Talmud. 8

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