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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 06:50

Creating an engaging classroom environment to support the learning of all students having access to the general education curriculum can be a challenge for educators. Active learning tasks support the brain research on the release of dopamine and neurotransmitters that can motivate every learner in your class to be intellectually engaged. Integrating two minute active learning strategies assists students to store and retrieve information, increase their energy levels, and help with positive social interactions in the inclusive classroom. Proactive planning to incorporate these opportunities for students to be directly involved in their learning can result in positive student outcomes.


The . Supreme Court has recently referred to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) as the “centerpiece 8776 of the IDEA 8767 s education delivery system for students with disabilities.  In accordance with the Court’s updated two-pronged test for determining whether an IEP is appropriate, hearing officers and courts will look to both the procedural and substantive components of the IEP. Let’s examine many common pitfalls that educators must avoid–both procedurally and substantively–in an effort to ensure that IEPs are legally defensible.

Education World: Student-Led conferences successful in

"Some parents are scared at first -- they think they won't have a chance to talk with the teacher in private," said Brand of Madison, Connecticut. "But I tell them they can speak with me on the phone if they have other concerns. Then the parents always are amazed [after the conference] that the child knows him or herself so well and is so self-motivated."

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Clifford's second graders compile material including a quarterly spelling profile, which is 55 words from the year's list, and a math profile, with a graph illustrating the skills they expect to master each quarter. They also select their best story every quarter from the class Writer's Workshop they attach a self-evaluation in which they explain why they are proud of the piece and what they hope to improve upon in the next assignment.

Veterans of student-led conferences, who have refined their programs over the years, say the extra effort to offer them is worth it for both parents and students.

Students in Sandra Brand's third grade class in Madison, Connecticut, start the year by completing a self-evaluation, including a list of strengths and areas on which they need to improve. During the student-led conferences, they update their parents and Brand as to where they are in meeting their goals.

Facilities Celebrations: TCS hosting series of events to mark milestone moments in the capital projects program as part of the TCS Strategic Plan.

For students with disabilities, the campus ARD/IEP* committee will determine the promotion status based on mastery of IEP* goals and objectives and/or course requirements.

About a month before the conferences, information about the conferences is sent home to parents, Bettez told Education World. Two weeks before the conference, students prepare written invitations accompanied by more information from teachers regarding the content and process for the conference such as, allow your child ten minutes of uninterrupted time to present his or her portfolio and then take five minutes to ask your child questions. After that, a teacher joins students and parents for a post conference wrap-up. At that time, parents, teachers, and students review strengths and needs and set goals for the upcoming grading period.

Teachers often report feeling pressure to cover the curriculum at nearly any cost.  This especially concerning in inclusive classrooms, as it may result in teachers inadvertently ignoring the special needs of students with disabilities.  Research has indicated teachers need specific strategy training to successfully meet the needs of all students. This workshop will provide teachers with training in strategies to enhance the inclusion of students with disabilities in classrooms strategies to enhance teacher usage of cooperative structure and strategies to provide a classroom to enhance the use of language skills (the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol [SIOP] model).

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