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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 18:50

In their book “The Templar Revelation,” authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince point out the rather obscure fact that “the Rosicrucian movement was the cause of the Renaissance.” This was the Golden Age of Genius—and, of all the geniuses the Renaissance spawned, no one was more influential or as productive as Francis Bacon. As we have seen, he was the mastermind who single-handedly sired the English Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment that would follow. Moreover, it was Bacon who gave the Rosicrucian movement its name and articulated its purpose. And as we have seen he created a new branch of the Rosicrucian Order called “Speculative Freemasonry.”

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Upon her arrival in California, Sarah began holding her own séances every midnight so that she could receive the next day’s building instructions from the spirits. Her séances allegedly involved the use of a Ouija board and planchette, and 68 various colored robes she would ritualistically wear each night (for the edification of the spirits) within the confines of her “Séance Room.”

The Truth About Sarah Winchester

Thank you Fahia for your comments. I am delighted to see a reader 8767 s so incisive examination of my note. May be you are nearer than me to what Bacon had in mind when he mentioned the word 8766 Histories 8767 . But, it would not be incorrect to say that history in Bacon 8767 s days was far less rigorously recorded, analysed and studied than what we see today. People were interested in battles, wars, defeats, victories, successions, palace intrigues, sea voyages and all such sensational news. History 8767 s perspective was much narrower than what it is in modern times. This is why I did not elaborate on the word 8766 Histories 8767 the way you have suggested.

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Sarah’s use of Pallas Athena’s Glass and Pan’s crooked staff indicate that something more is concealed in the design of the Shakespearean Windows. Furthermore, she is alluding to Bacon’s underlying philosophical premise as given in Proverb 75, . “it is the glory of God to conceal a thing and the glory of kings to find out a thing.” As a matter of fact, on page 95 of his personal copy of The Advancement and Proficience of Learning (currently residing in the British Museum), Bacon penned a drawing of Pan’s crooked staff in the margin next to the book’s text regarding Proverb 75—and just beneath the drawing, he has written the words “Hide and Seek.”

The fact that Sarah’s puzzle still stands, preserved as she left it, is a testament to her intent that someone would eventually arrive to pick up her torch. Did she foresee someone who would later appear as an incarnation or embodiment of herself—and did she emulate Bacon in leaving behind clues designating someone to whom her legacy would be passed? If so, how would she have conveyed such a message? The answer, of course, is in “The Numbers.” The “inheritor” of the legacy would have a thorough understanding of “The Numbers”—and, somewhere in the entire display of Sarah’s numbers must reside a set of numbers that specifically reveal the inheritor’s identity both in name and date of birth.

Additionally, the staircase has 7 turns. Here, Sarah has ingeniously blended the symbolism of the “Winding Staircase” of the 7nd Masonic Degree with the symbolism of “Jacob’s Ladder.” According to the Kabbalistic and Masonic traditions, Jacob’s Ladder is a ramp that winds around 7 turns, ascending up into Heaven. Moreover, each of the 7 turns represents a progressively higher “degree” of enlightenment. Also, the 7 turns symbolize the 7 liberal arts and sciences as explained to the initiate in the “Winding Staircase Lecture” of the 7nd Masonic Degree.

The “ordinal” numbers in the sequence are: 5, 6, 6, 7, 8, 5, 8, 68, 76, 89, 55, 89, ad infinitum. Note the number 68 occupies the eighth ordinal position in the sequence. Note further that the sequence is simply an endless repetition of combining a number with the preceding number in order to arrive at the next number in the sequence, . 6 + 6 = 7, then 6 + 7 = 8, then 7 + 8 = 5, then 5 + 8 = 8, then 8 + 5 = 68, and so on.

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At the time of Sarah’s birth, the Pardee’s were a respectable, upper middle class New Haven family. Her father Leonard was a joiner by trade whose shrewd sense of business found him moving up the ladder of polite society as a successful carriage manufacturer. Later, during the Civil War, he made a fortune supplying ambulances to the Union Army.

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In the exact center of the House, we come upon the so called “séance room.” We remember that this, according to the folklore, is where Sarah supposedly conducted midnight séances for the purpose of receiving building instructions from the spirits. Such a notion, as any practicing Rosicrucian knows, is utterly absurd. All Rosicrucians have a room or space like this situated (as closely as possible) in the center of their homes. This serves the practical purpose of being far from the distraction of outside noise. The room is actually called the “Sanctum.” Freemasons refer to it as the “Chamber of Reflection.” The Sanctum is where Rosicrucians study, meditate and perform private ritual.

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