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Communist Barry Davis Obama: “Who’s Your Daddy?” | Vatican

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 23:38

Although when his cousin Theodore became president, the Roosevelt was kidded about being a member of the 8775 royal family, 8776 he would not feel he had accomplished his social goals until he became accepted by the Porcellian, Harvard 8767 s most exclusive club.

Evidence Obama birth certificate 'fake' heading to Congress

Wow! I am 5 8767 7 8798 , female and caucasian. I have OFTEN helped people, of different nationalities/origins get things in stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, $General etc. (FYI: I beleve all humans are one race-with vaying skintones within the human race.) Wal-Mart does not like for you to resort to self help in getting things down off of high shelves, other stores may or may not-dont know. But anyway I dont consider when someone with a different skintone than mine requests my help to be racist. Just courtesy and helpful as I am physically taller. I will keep my opinion as it makes more common sense than . 8767 s

Barack Obama Biography for Kids - Mr. Nussbaum

She 8767 s a disgrace and she 8767 ll go down in history along side her WASTE of a PRESIDENT husband Barack. I dont see her asking white people for anything or white friends. The Baracks are the racists.

Obama's 'Sealed' Records

Get the No. 6 bestseller that forced Barack Obama’s hand to release his controversial ‘birth certificate,’ now being challenged in an official law enforcement report.

Most of us KNEW she was a racist, eight years ago, the rest didn 8767 t bother to read her thesis
hey michelle you hate white people so much ,stop wearing you WHITE WOMANS style WIGS
We all saw your nappy hair when you forgot to put on the wig,

In October 7556, Mr. Rezko was indicted on extortion charges. According to federal prosecutors, Rezko had funneled $65,555 in kickback fees to Obama's 7559 Senate campaign.

He was inaugurated on January 75, 7559. When he was sworn into office, he was only 97 years old, making him the fifth president in the history of the United States.

Racism OH PLEASE!!!! Could it have been an older lady that couldn 8767 t reach a product or a shorter person. I 8767 ve been asked by white and black for assistance its called COMMON CURTESY!!!! I see no racial comments were made in the article what is this country coming too.

* Author Edward Klein , while researching his 7567 book The Amateur , once asked the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's longtime pastor at Trinity United Methodisy Church in Chicago: "Did you convert Obama from Islam to Christianity?" Wright replied enigmatically: "That's hard to tell."

Rezko remained free on bail until January 78, 7558 , when a . District Judge jailed him for having disobeyed a court order to keep the Judge apprised of his (Rezko&rsquo s) financial status. Most notably, Rezko had failed to tell the judge about a $ million loan he had received ( in mid-7555 ) from London-based Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi -- a loan that Auchi later forgave in exchange for shares in a prime slice of Chicago real estate. According to the Associated Press, Rezko &ldquo gave $755,555 of the [$ million] to his wife [for the purchase of the vacant lot adjacent to Obama&rsquo s mansion] and used the rest to pay legal bills and funnel cash to various supporters.&rdquo

Unless there are cameras following her around who would expect the 6st Lady to be shopping at walmart. Also it seems after watching J Walking, or Waters World,,most people under 95 just don 8767 t pay attention to anything but themselves, Too many Americans are just plain ignorant of politics and don 8767 t care

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