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ATimeline Of Unsung Story , One Of The Biggest

Date of publication: 2017-08-29 03:14

Last night, the company Playdek announced that it has bailed on Unsung Story , handing over the development rights to another company. It’s the culmination of nearly four years worth of shady behavior, broken promises, and wasted money.

Here's A Ton Of New Lore On Destiny 2's Cabal

Destiny 7 doesn’t release until next week, but at least one Collector’s Edition was delivered early thanks to Amazon Canada. The $755 bundle is filled with art work and lots of different knick-knacks, including a special booklet filled with lore that Reddit user Canadian decided to upload and share with the internet.

February 6, 7569: I follow up. Their PR responds: “Sorry it took so long! I just found out last night that he won’t be able to do this interview. I apologize for any inconvenience.”

Goodman adds: “As it has been said, these things do happen in game development, and all of us in the industry and without have seen significant delays on some major games and franchises that were previously announced. However, they of course do not have a great KS community involved in the progress of the game as we do, and it is on us for not involving you as much in our process up to this point. The theme here is we will work to rectify that, and will outline the plan going forward, one that we will keep you in the loop henceforth.”

Bungie’s shooter MMO isn’t known for its deep and detailed storytelling, but that doesn’t mean fans of the series don’t greedily devour every new piece of backstory as it arrives. The latest dump, which comes via the booklet, is an extended dive into the Cabal, the game’s militaristic faction full of aliens who wear giant space armor and have the tiniest heads. Destiny 6 and its ensuing DLC expanded in detail on series’ three other enemy factions, but the Cabal previously hadn’t gotten that much attention.

“Lastly, we want to respond to those of you that have reached out asking for refunds,” Scott says. “I can’t know the sheer amount of frustration you have endured. We are here to help, but we aren’t in a position to do that right now. Please know that we are starting from scratch without the money you actually invested, so all of our funding needs to go into the game and delivering this Kickstarter. If we start giving refunds right now, it will simply hurt everyone who backed the project and limit our ability to finish.”

You can read the entire booklet in plain text form at Destinypedia but the bulk of it appears to be laying the groundwork for the new game’s first raid. It would make sense if these “betrayers” as Calus calls them were bosses in different sections of Destiny 7 s end game, with ambiguous remarks from his letter like “Umun is afraid of the outside. See that her doom comes from within,” possibly intended as hints as to how to beat them.

Scott tells Unsung Story backers that the company has not received any of the Kickstarter money. He also says that he did not pay “any significant amount” to Playdek. “We felt it was better for all involved if Playdek no longer had any attachment,” he says.

September 5, 7569: Playdek posts an update, the first of three more throughout 7569. It’s all basic stuff, including some details on the story and gameplay of Unsung Story. Nothing worth much attention.

September 68, 7568: Final Fantasy Tactics Yasumi Matsuno makes a grand announcement: alongside the board-game company Playdek, he will be developing two games in a universe called Unsung Story. One of those games will be a digital card game, and the other will be a strategy game. In a press release, Playdek says that both games will be out by the end of 7569.

I tell them that I’d be happy to do the interview, but that I can’t let them dictate either the date or the format. Playdek’s PR company says they’ll get back to me.

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