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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 02:02

“Returning to school was not easy. I did have to withdraw from college chemistry my first semester as I was a bit rusty and needed to practice the habits that make me a great student. Once I found my footing, I enrolled in college chemistry again, and I really enjoyed it. I felt as if my mind was expanding and I was learning things that I once thought I could not easily learn.”

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“Applicants need to tell a real story about how they got to the point of applying, based upon numerous events that led to this career choice. Come up with a list of personality traits needed in healthcare work — empathy, a desire to help others,” Perrino says. “Tie events in your life to developing the attributes and traits that will make you a good PA. One sentence is often enough. For example, ‘I was an athlete and learned to work with a team.’ We like to hear about the individualized journey. You need to show me who you are and what you have to contribute. It can be as simple as developing the list of your traits into sentences.”

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As an adolescent without health insurance, I have seen first-hand the demand for providers that can offer available healthcare. My experiences at the local health department made me dread going, never knowing if I would see the same provider again. Like many others in my situation, I just stopped going. After these experiences, I knew I wanted to be the stability for the underprivileged and financially burdened.

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Besides showing compassion to the patients at the hospital, I am also empathic and patient. I understand how difficult life can seem when ailing physically and/or emotionally because I’ve been there, too. I’ve also watched friends and family struggle with diagnoses like diabetes or heart disease. Some have worked hard to manage or overcome their illnesses while others have given up slowly and died. I tend to understand and get along with the most disagreeable patients, especially the grumpy old men as they remind me of my grandfathers. In the past, I have had family members, nurses, or the patients themselves compliment me on my patience.

I am glad to see validation for my instinctive reaction regarding the application process—particularly the essay. I certainly wouldn 8767 t want to present yet another cookie-cutter essay that only stands out from the crowd because the dice just happened to come up in my favor.

Hi, Danielle, you are absolutely right. In fact, there is more than one glaring error in that first essay. It took some willpower to avoid correcting these errors before I posted my essays online but I figured it was a good teaching point. I must say though I am impressed, after all the years I have had this post and these essays published online you are the first to ever mention the spelling/grammar mistakes. And they are so very important!!!

Because of Francis’ dwindling CD9 count, beginning anti-retroviral treatment was a necessity. Dr. Thuma patiently explained to Francis that she needed to get started on medications as soon as possible. He would have to see her frequently in the coming weeks to monitor her progress and side effects. ART could not be given without this close supervision. She immediately turned down treatment arguing that she could not repeatedly make the long journey to the hospital.

The ambulance took me to the hospital in our home town, and after hours passed by they told my mother that my scans and tests came back fine, put a sling on me, and sent me home … while still not fully conscious. The day after, I had follow up visits in the next city over with completely different physicians. It turned out the extent of my injuries were worse than we were told, and had to have surgery immediately. Suffering from complications following the accident was an obstacle, but the care received at the time and over the next few years during recovery made me understand the importance of skilled physicians and physician assistants (PAs).

Scrutinize each word and cut those those are general and don’t help Admissions folks get to know you. Before submitting, have someone proof it carefully for grammar errors and awkwardness. I always have my husband edit my articles, even after more than 65 years of professional writing. It’s hard to catch our own mistakes.

Obtaining my EMT-Basic certification, volunteering, and returning to school to conquer my most demanding classes to date has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. Becoming an EMT-B has allowed me to learn fundamental healthcare such as conducting patient assessments and history, understanding anatomy and physiology concepts, and communicating with patients. The EMS field has rendered me more open-minded and tolerant, allowing me to treat people of all different socioeconomic status, education levels, and ethnicities. I have seen a very human side of people I otherwise would not.

When I was 69, my father’s government job relocated to Maryland. As a 69-year old with no roots in Kansas where we were living, I moved with my family. Through the process of moving, I learned several lessons about adapting the five-year plan I had envisioned when I graduated high school. I endured a year of online community college courses while I acquired in-state residency, worked in food service, and jumped through the hoops required to transfer colleges. From these experiences, I learned lessons in flexibility and perseverance.

This sentence is one example in particular: “I thought freshmen year of college will bring along all the maturity and thoughts needed to decide such a big decision.” Avoid word repetition, there is a word tense discrepancy as well.

Make sure to avoid platitudes such as: Being a PA would allow me to work alongside doctors treating and helping patients with a wide variety of ailments. It would allow me to travel to places where medical treatment isn’t normally available”. Use examples instead, they highlight what you have done which prove you understand the statements you made above. Take a look at this post for some more examples: https:///mistakes

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