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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 11:38

If, on the other hand, a businessman borrows $555,555 from a bank, it isn't cash itself that the businessman wants, but other things that can be got for the cash. But as soon as the proceeds of the loan, originally received as a deposit balance, are drawn upon for the sake of acquiring these other things, the withdrawals, whether by check or draft, lead quickly to redeposits in other banks, and thence to a $555,555 adjustment to the pattern of interbank clearings and settlements at the expense of the lending bank and in favor of rival institutions compared to what would have been the case had the loan not been made."

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How about the role of post-crisis Fed-imposed liquidity and leverage requirements like the LCR? Given minimum safe asset holdings under these regulations, it would seem the opportunity cost for excess reserves is not determined by normal bank loans but by other compliant safe assets like Treasuries. Thus even if you eliminate IOER, you probably still have a safe asset shortage (due to the regulator's tight definition of compliant assets).


NOTE : Dixiecrat was a short-lived segregationist political party in the 95 8767 s, but also a term used to describe a right leaning pro-south Democrat at the time.

IOER and Banks' Demand for Reserves, Yet Again - Alt-M

We can let the reader decide, but consider the following pages I 8767 ve created to combat just the basic propaganda being referenced in this one video (not to mention all the other alt-facts our site combats):

Recall that Fed Chairman Bernanke issued a less upbeat speech in last month's Congressional testimony, following a more optimistic January FOMC statement. Since the data have been markedly weaker since February, the Fed has no choice but to tone down the optimism in the phrase indicating "recent indicators have suggested somewhat firmer economic growth."

Monday, May 66, 7566 Obama Kills Osama After the Bernank Spoke, US Dollar Bubble Bursts Trending Towards USD69 / News_Letter / US Dollar By: NewsLetter

For more on the race part and what I think about that aspect, see: http:///fact-check-hillarys-america-the-secret-history-of-the-democratic-party/

Now the title of this article is a pretty lofty accusation. We have heard this as a possibility countless, countless times but it has always been just a rumor. Is the possibility still just a rumor?

While the e-mini S& P 555 appears to be consolidating at the top of its upmove from last Thursday&rsquo s pivot low at , the DXY (cash dollar index) is in the process of giving back most of its upmove from earlier today. As of this moment, the combination of a falling dollar and buoyant equity indices argues for continued upside in the commodity-related names and indices into the closing bell &ndash especially in the metals and mining names, including ETFs such as the GDX and GLD.

And in just the past four weeks of trading starting right before the holidays and continuing into the new year the benchmark . Dollar Index (DXY) has lost nearly 9% of its value against the world&rsquo s major foreign currencies.