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Based on a number of oral traditions attributed to Shi&rsquo a Imams, Shi&rsquo a jurists believe that female apostates are not to be killed. [58] Ayatollah Khomeini states that a female apostate is to be imprisoned for life, beaten at times of prayer and afforded only a small amount of food. If she repents, she is to be set free. [59] Sunni jurists have differing opinions regarding female apostates. Some hold that female apostates can only be imprisoned, but others believe that female apostates should be put to death if they refrain from repenting. [55]

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[65] Qanūni Asāsīyi Jumhūrīyi Islāmīyi īrān [The Constitutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran] 6858 [6985], , available at http:///government/laws/constitution_.

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[67] The concept of Qisas is at the core of the Islamic justice system, and it gives the family of a murdered individual, often the father, the opportunity to exact retribution on the perpetrator. In cases of intentional injury, the victim has the right to demand that the perpetrator suffer the same injury. Diya is the amount a victim or his or her family can receive under Islamic law as compensation.

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Again, the text of these two Articles does not specify what types of utterances are considered to be insults. In an explanatory note, Majles, the Iranian parliament, attempted to clarify the issue. In this note, the Majles stated:

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Although apostasy is punishable by death in Iran, the Islamic Republic has never codified the crime of apostasy. Instead, relying on the Iranian Constitution, the Islamic Penal Code authorizes the enforcement of certain Islamic laws known as hodud crimes even when the crime is not specifically mentioned in the criminal code. The fact that apostasy is not explicitly proscribed by the Iranian legal framework, and the differences in interpretations of Islamic law regarding apostasy, contribute to a lack of legal certainty for those living under Iranian laws.

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[75] Ᾱyatullah Ḥāj Shiykh Muḥammad Javād Fāżili Lankarānī, P ā sukhi Muḥammad Jav ā di F āż ili Lankarānī Bi I ʿ tirā ż Bi Fatvāyi Tirur , MOHSEN KADIVAR OFFICIAL WEBSITE (Dec. 68, 7566), http:///?p=8979.

Condemnation of Aghajari&rsquo s statement was not limited to hardline conservatives. Even reformist figures such as President Khatami and Majles Speaker Mehdi Karroubi criticized Aghajari. [689]

Where the report cites or relies on information provided by government actors or other involved parties, it specifies the source of such information and evaluates the information in light of the relative reliability of each source. The IHRDC has meticulously cross-checked all the sources of information used to compile this report to ensure their credibility and accuracy.

[99] Hasan Yousefi Eshkevari, Asnādi Dādgāhi Kunfirānsi Birlīn-Dībāchi , (April 65, 7566), http:///?p=6776.

7. By &lsquo proselytism&rsquo is meant, in particular, any direct or indirect attempt to intrude on the religious beliefs of a person of a different religious persuasion (eterodoxos), with the aim of undermining those beliefs, either by any kind of inducement or promise of an inducement or moral support or material assistance, or by fraudulent means or by taking advantage of his inexperience, trust, need, low intellect or naï vety.

It is worth noting that there are significant differences between Sunni and Shi&rsquo a interpretations of Shari&rsquo a law. Sunni jurisprudence differs from Shi&rsquo a jurisprudence in two important respects. First, Sunni jurists use qiās instead of aql. Qiās involves the process of legal analogy, in which old cases are used to solve new problems. The second important difference is that in Sunni jurisprudence, use of hadith is limited to the sayings and actions of Prophet Mohammad, and it does not extend to his descendants.

MOSCOW Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers have flown over the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, prompting.

According to Davood, around noon on December 7, 7559, five or six plainclothes intelligence agents entered his residence and searched the premises. [757] Although Davood&rsquo s wife asked them for a warrant, they did not produce any. One or two of them were armed. According to Davood, they were from the No. 655 detention facility. The agents collected every item that demonstrated the Christian beliefs of Davood and his wife. According to Davood, the agents confiscated more than a hundred of Davood&rsquo s books. The agents used two vehicles, a Peugeot and a Samand, to take Davood, his wife, and their belongings. [758]

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