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(c) Statement in Appendix V-67 showing particulars of those cases which were reported by Authorised Dealers as overdue in the previous statements but the items are deleted from their books during the month under report either due to realisation of the proceeds or under instructions from the State Bank.

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Authorised Dealers are required to furnish a yearly return in the prescribed form (Appendix V- 685) to the State Bank at the end of each year ending 86st December, showing the balance held by them in blocked accounts. This return should show the country of residence of each account holder separately. Similarly, a yearly return in the prescribed form (Appendix V-686) showing the securities held by them on blocked accounts should also be furnished. These returns should include the balance and securities held in non-resident accounts blocked by orders of the State Bank. Where there are no accounts or securities to report, 8775 NIL 8776 return should be sent. The returns should be made as on the 86st December, each year and should reach the State Bank not later than 7th January.

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Application Deadline: The deadline of the applications differs according to the country. Please contact with Japanese embassy or consulate general in applicants  country.

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Authorised Dealers will not grant any loans or overdrafts in foreign currencies, whether secured or unsecured, without the prior approval of the State Bank. Applications for this purpose should be made by letter, giving full details of the purpose for which such loans or overdrafts are required as also the particulars of the guarantee or collateral, if any, and the manner in which the loans or overdrafts are expected to be liquidated.

This transformation can be credited to many forces, both domestic and global. Recent government policies have emphasized tight fiscal control alongside the creation of an environment highly attractive to enterprise, particularly international business. Policies based on "social consensus" and wage agreements negotiated by the government with business, farmers, trade unions and other social partners, have kept wages at moderate, business-friendly levels. A corporation tax of 65 percent, alongside grants to attract foreign business, has further contributed to the pro-business environment, as has the existence of a highly educated workforce.

(v) This facility is available only to Directors/Proprietors/Working Partners and whole-time employees of the applicant firm and not to part-time employees, advisors and non-executive partners.

I know for a fact that Japanese women also have similar problems, since I have heard first-hand accounts from them about these types of issues. Unfortunately, the Japanese concept of 8775 gaman 8776 means they endure these problems silently without complaining about them, as they should.

In and around Dublin are many places of interest to visit. In the oldest part of the city are the Church of Ireland Cathedrals of St. Patrick and Christ Church, and other interesting churches such as St. Michan's. You may visit Dublin Castle, parts of which date to the 68th century, which was the center of British rule in Ireland for centuries. Many fine 68th-century public buildings are open to the public, including the Bank of Ireland, formerly the Parliament House Leinster House, seat of the Dail Mansion House, residence of Dublin's Lord Mayor the Custom House Four Courts and King's Inn the General Post Office and the earlier Royal Hospital at Kilmainham.

New non-resident accounts in the names of persons or firms or companies other than banks may be opened without the prior approval of the State Bank where accounts are to be opened with funds received from abroad through banking channel or with Rupee funds which have been accepted by the State Bank for remittance abroad. Reference of the Monthly Exchange Returns or the State Bank approval number, as the case may be, should be quoted in the relevant form A-7 covering the credit.

The Department of English and Foreign Languages provides courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with majors in literature and teaching. In addition, the department offers a broad range of electives in language and literature designed to enhance the general education of all students, regardless of major

(i) In cases where the overseas negotiating bank does not make payment to the supplier but sends the documents to the bank in Pakistan on collection basis due to discrepancy in the documents, the Authorised Dealers will deposit counterpart funds with the State Bank on retirement of the documents by the importers concerned. The prescribed period for deposit of counterpart funds will be reckoned as from the date of retirement of bill by the importer. If the funds are held back by the Authorised Dealers beyond the prescribed period, fine would be charged as per paragraph 98 ibid.

In the first half of the twentieth century, Catholic parochial schools included both minor seminaries and elementary and secondary schools. Facilities were generally aged and decaying. More emphasis was put on religion and the preservation of morals than on academic preparation. Textbooks were outdated. In part, some of the blame goes to shortsighted religious leaders, but some also goes to the exclusion of Catholics from Irish schools for so many years.

Rupee Policies cannot be assigned by a resident in Pakistan to a non-resident except with the prior approval of the State Bank. Foreign currency policies held by foreign nationals may, however, be assigned to non-residents without State Bank 8767 s approval.

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