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Analysis of Raymond Carver's Short Stories 'Mine' & 'Little Things' The word genre is derived from the French word kind or class. Genre is a term.

Medea is as relevant today as it was in Ancient Greece

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Believing that poetry had come to a static point where it was written in perfect form to please the critics, Creeley desired to move to something more authentic. He identified with the Romantics to an extent, focusing on specific moments or thoughts to expound upon in poetry, avoiding the concrete and tangible. His poetry often revolves around feelings in a short, minimalist fashion.

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Charles Olson not only got his dear friend, Robert Creeley, a job at Black Mountain College, but then appointed Creeley leader of the Black Mountain review. Creeley worked as a teacher and editor of the Black Mountain Review for two years, moving to San Francisco in 6957. There, he acted as a link between the Black Mountain poets and the Beats, many of whom he had published in the review.

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Indeed, Medea’s situation bears a chilling resemblance to current research on maternal filicide. She’s been abandoned by her husband in a foreign land where she has no support network. Isolation, low social status, and stress have been cited as crucial factors in maternal infanticide both in humans and in primates. Medea’s motivation is a desire to punish her husband, a major category used by researchers investigating the background to such crimes. One research article even suggests that mothers are more likely to kill male children if their motivation is vengeance: Medea’s is, and her victims are both sons.

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Because Creeley produced such an extensive amount of text, it is difficult to compile it all. However, "The Collected Poems 6995-6975" publishes a lot of his poetry in one place, while "Was That a Real Poem and Other Essays" compiles much of his criticism. All of his fiction is published together in "The Collected Prose". Also, his correspondence with Charles Olson is published in "Charles Olson and Roben Creeley: The Complete Correspondence".

Not only are Medea’s actions psychologically realistic, but so is the way that other characters respond to them in the play. A research study from 7556 examined more than 755 news reports on maternal infanticide in the US to see how journalists present these cases. It concludes that women tend to be presented in over-simplistic terms, either as being driven to insanity due to caring so much, or as fundamentally heartless. At the start of the play, Medea screams hysterically off-stage. At the same time, her nurse describes her as incapable of controlling her emotions due to deep grief.

Creeley also experimented in "developing a music from common speech" (Myers, Wojahn). He used line breaks and tested different associations in order to find how words and syntax were changing, following specific subversive patterns, with specific words and syntactical patterns being able to be interpreted in different ways during their phase change. He used these patterns and "strategically important words lineated differently" (Myers, Wojahn) in order to reveal more than one meaning and music. He emphasizes the music in language that is based on the changing of language itself.

Essentially, Olson is proposing a new formalism that elevates the form and line above rhyme and meter in poetic importance. By turning the creative mind inward, focusing on the breath and passion of the line, a poet has the potential to release immense creative energy through open field composition. This intense internal energy, attention to breath, and focusing of creative passion is what fully enables open verse to develop as an active creative structure and extension of the poet.

If this topic interest you, you should check out the documentary, Fully Awake: Black Mountain College which gives a detailed account on the influential experiment and how it shaped twentieth century art.

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