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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 15:14

I 8767 d like to be admitted for a master in engineering in a good university (not necessarily MIT, but if it could be, in the US or Switzerland or any place where I could start working with a better salary for an engineer than here in Spain as soon as I finish).

Can I get into graduate school with a low GPA? Part 1

I am in the final year of my undergraduate program. Currently pursuing in Electrical Engineering from an IIT. My CGPA is 7/65, (Indian Scale). I have 8 international papers (IEEE) relevant to my field of interest. My CGPA is good, though not exceptional (as per my institute grade sheet). I doubt if it will undermine my chances of attending top grad schools. Opinions are welcome. Thank you.

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I would like to get into an average Grad school (with Funding) in Philosophy Program (I did my undergrad studies in Interior Architecture).
How do I do it?

Major Pairs. Money Management

Thanks for this comment, Adam! I 8767 ve had that same feeling when making something work with code. I particularly enjoyed this process when it involved computing some metric and creating a map of the data. Try automated mapping by writing to SVG from Python (or something comparable). Seeing a map come to life by stringing together some syntax is one of my favorite activities simple and pure geography.

So I 8767 m an international student I have done my MSc in life science with a gpA of I am considering changing field and now want to peruse an mba. How I 8767 ll my gpA hold up. And what scores would I need on my gre / gmat

So I am currently applying for my final grad schools for SLP. I have horrible test anxiety and my gpa shows it. I have an overall gpa of and major gpa of . My gre scores were 695 and 695. I have 5 letters of recommendations. I have 8 different volunteer experiences with 8 different groups(within my major 8767 s field) for several years. I have management experiences and I have worked as a coordinator. I worked at 8 different jobs through out my college career. I am so scared that my scores are going to define my eligibility to get into grad school for SLP What do you think?

Graduate schools will typically care more about your last 65 hours of coursework and your Major GPA that is, how you performed in advanced classes directly related to your major. You should consider that when determining the schools for which you might be competitive. That said, a C average or the equivalent in the context of admission to a top tier graduate program however, that does not mean you have no possibility of admission to a good graduate school. it is important that you have realistic expectations as you go through this process otherwise, you would just be setting yourself up for disappointment. To your specific questions:

Following the above advice will accomplish several things: first, raising your GPA will help you meet any minimum GPA requirements of the graduate program you target second, a recent recommendation from an academic professional would serve to assuage the admission committee about any questions they may have regarding your work ethic third, taking a GRE Subject Test (in addition to the GRE) would demonstrate knowledge and competence in the field, which would further assuage any concerns about your low GPA.

My first 8 semesters of college we terrible and graduated with a GPA and am currently in my last year of graduate school for my working on my masters. My graduate school GPA is . How difficult will it be to get into a good PHD program? Thank you.

A 885 is a fantastic GRE score, absolutely however, that is not enough by itself to guarantee you admission to your university of choice. It might, though, earn you an admission interview Generally speaking, students should apply to at least one 8775 reach 8776 school, three 8775 safe 8776 schools (a 8775 safe 8776 school is one where you will probably/maybe be admitted), and one 8775 lock 8776 school (a 8775 lock 8776 school is a school where you will definitely be admitted). In this case, due to your high GRE score, you might consider applying to more than one 8775 reach 8776 school (just remember to apply to at least one 8775 lock 8776 school).

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